Yggdrasil Gaming

In order to stand out in different industries, it is important to come up with an exciting name and then of course it is also important to maintain a high class on what you deliver. Then eventually more and more people will open their eyes to a company. A Swedish company in the gaming industry has undeniably succeeded in just this. The name Yggdrasil Gaming sounds interesting and creates curiosity and it also offers innovative games for internet-based casinos. In recent years and also in the past, Swedes have made themselves known for producing highquality games when it comes to slots and similar games. And Yggdrasil may be fairly new to the market, but as I said, it has already made itself known as a player to be reckoned with. The name Yggdrasil itself may not sound completely foreign to the common man interested in nordic mythology, considering that it originates from the ancient north. Yggdrasil is the old world tree in mythology and the story of it is long. But to make it a little shorter, this tree has been provided with three roots that branch out and reach different parts of the world. One of the roots extends to
the human habitat, Midgård, and it also extends to Asgård. It was in Asgård that the Asa gods lived and lived. The giants lived in Jotunheim and it was here that one of the other roots led while the third led to Nifelheim which was the underground. Each root also had a well assigned to it. Perhaps the most famous is Mimer’s well and it was this that was the source of all the world’s knowledge and wisdom. Thus, it was highly sought after. Yggdrasil was also home to different animals in different parts of the tree. As I said, there is a lot to tell about the Yggdrasil tree, but in the current situation, Yggdrasil will soon be thinking about online games for money via Yggdrasil Gaming, which also has a tree as part of its logo.

New on the market

Online gambling games, in particular slots, seem to be on the rise and their popularity seems to be reaching new heights. The games must therefore get better and therefore new games are constantly being developed and more game developers are also emerging to satisfy the need. Perhaps the most famous in many online casinos today is Net Entertainment, which has given rise to many of the people’s favorites among slot machines. Now Yggdrasil also comes and claims the popularity and it seems undeniably going well for them and in a relatively short time, Yggdrasil Gaming has managed to become a company to be reckoned with. The CEO of Yggdrasil Gaming is Fredrik Elmqvist, who was previously part of Net Entertainment and therefore it is not so difficult to assume that he knows what it’s all about and how to create a well-functioning company in the industry. Yggdrasil feels like a fresh breath and it’s always nice when a new company makes a name for itself with a good reputation. Like most others in the industry, Yggdrasil is based in Malta and even though it is still a fairly small team behind the games, it certainly seems as if it is growing bigger considering that the games from Yggdrasil have been intercepted by the players and become many’s new favorites.

Development in games

It is no secret that Yggdrasil is still a small company in the gaming industry, but that has not stopped them from entering the international gaming market. However, it can be said that they have been developed recently in that they previously focused on developing virtual scratch cards and number games such as lotto. However, Yggdrasil has also realized how big it is with slots and thus they have also ventured into that field of gaming. As Yggdrasil has recently started to develop slots, there is no larger range of this type of game from the manufacturer yet, but it is underway. In any case, there are some larger online casinos that seem to see what potential there is in Yggdrasil and have signed an agreement with the supplier as they offer games from Yggdrasil in their range. Some major sites that have taken in games from Yggdrasil include Vera & John ;, Leo Vegas and Mr Green. If you would feel curious about slots from Yggdrasil and you have not had time to try anything yet, you can in other words check them out on one of the above sites.

Slots that differ from the crowd

When you want to enter this particular industry, it is important to be innovative and always think „new”. And Yggdrasil seems to succeed with just this because their games are often built on humorous and distinctive themes. Although the theme of the games is somewhat odd, they are usually traditional in their execution but can also offer some small twist. Since Yggdrasil’s founder previously worked for Net Entertainment, he knows what applies and it is important to develop games that entertain the player while offering high quality as a whole. Among the games that Yggdrasil has released recently are names like Winterberries and Jokerizer, but they promise that more will come soon. In addition to the new addition of slots from Yggdrasil, you can still play various number games such as keno, lotto and scratch cards. The number games that come from Yggdrasil’s team have become many’s favorites, partly because the graphics and design are superb and in addition you are not stingy with animations and the like along with various bonuses that appeal to the general public.

Yggdrasil on the rise

The advertisements for gaming sites almost replace each other on TV nowadays and that it is poppis is just the first name. And if there is one company to look out for in the gaming world right now, it is Yggdrasil Gaming. They want to be involved and attract players and therefore they do not compromise on quality but rather come up with innovative and innovative games that will further enhance the gaming feel. We will probably see much more of slots from Yggdrasil Gaming quite soon and it will be interesting to see how the company’s development continues in the near future.