Frequently Asked Questions

What games can I play at an online casino?

An online casino offers many more gambling variants than a land-based casino. First of all, because there are no spatial restrictions here, and software producers are outdoing each other in-game ideas. Online slots have attractive themes, often tailored to the local audience. Likewise, in a live casino, you can play games that you won’t find in a land-based casino.

Why does the casino verify players' accounts?

Client verification is a top-down procedure, imposed by the license issuer. Online casinos are required to verify the identity, gender, age of the player by checking copies/scans of documents. This is the usual procedure and if an online casino asks you for paperwork and you have nothing to hide, take it as a good sign.

How quickly will i receive a payout after ordering it from an online casino?

Much depends on how well the work of the Finance Department is organized in the casino and what is stated in the casino regulations. The standard waiting time for accepting a withdrawal should not exceed 3 working days. In addition, it is also important which payment method you have chosen for the deposit (withdrawals to the account associated with the card may take up to 5 business days).

Why is the online casino refusing to withdraw my winnings?

There may be various reasons for this. The most common is breaking the casino or promotion rules. It also happens that a player has been caught in financial fraud, theft (for example, the deposit comes from his wife’s card, who may not have a clue about the deposit), money laundering, or phishing bonuses.

How is a land-based casino different from an online casino?

First of all, it differs in the form in which you play (from your own home) or anywhere (in the case of a mobile casino). The online casino offers many more payment methods that you deposit into the casino, free spins, tons of different promotions and offers, as well as lower gaming stakes.

What criteria should you consider when choosing an online casino?

Use guides in the gambling industry. At Eagle Casino, you will find reviews of all the most popular and new online casinos. You will find out which casino offers the best bonus that is licensed, or how you can deposit to the online casino. You will save yourself a lot of effort!

I made a deposit to the online casino and it is not available in the player’s account. What to do?

Some payment methods, especially those belonging to the so-called instant payments, take from several to several dozen minutes. Due to the fact that the funds are originally drawn from your bank account, the transaction must be booked by the bank. If your casino account remains empty after this time, please contact the casino staff.

How to deposit at an online casino?

Making a deposit to an online casino is very simple and usually takes no more than a dozen seconds. After all, you pay in a similar way in other online stores. Depending on the payment method you choose, this one will define how it will look like. Anyway, you click on the 'Deposit' button on the online casino site and choose the method. Then you follow the information displayed (in the case of quick payments you will be redirected to your bank’s website), in the case of electronic wallets, your account page.

Is it worth playing at an online casino site?

An online casino offers you many options that a normal land-based casino cannot offer, such as the freedom to play in the comfort of your home, privacy, the ability to play for lower stakes or lower deposits.

Online casino – reviews. is it worth reading?

Yes of course! Opinions about the online casino are not limited to only operator reviews. It is also worth visiting the internet forums dedicated to online casinos and placing bets. This way you will avoid registering an account at the wrong online casino

Why are online casinos registered mainly in Cyprus, Malta, Curacao or Giblartara?

Registration of a company in countries known as tax havens is purely due to the financial benefits that companies (not only online casinos) derive from their tax legislation. Taxation in these countries is much lower and therefore profitable, which attracts investors.

Which online casino offers free spins?

This group primarily includes new casinos that want to gain customers. We encourage you to view our list of online casinos with the offer of free spins to start.

How to register an account at an online casino?

Registering a casino account will take from a few seconds to several minutes. By default, you select the 'Registration' button and follow the displayed instructions. You provide your personal data, address, date of birth. Then you activate your casino team account via a link sent to your email address.

What online casinos can we consider safe?

Considering that the internet is full of online casinos, it’s quite easy to get into dubious platforms. A casino where you can feel safe is a licensed online casino with good feedback from players and reviewers.

What online casinos can we consider safe?

Considering that the internet is full of online casinos, it’s quite easy to get into dubious platforms. A casino where you can feel safe is a licensed online casino with good feedback from players and reviewers.

Why do online casinos offer players such high starting bonuses?

Online casinos are outdoing each other in their welcome bonus offers. This is to attract the customer and make them choose this casino. There are so many operators on the Internet that players have a lot to choose from. So the generous welcome bonus is a way to get players' attention.

Why is an online casino popular?

Online casinos are primarily a convenient way to play. Considering that you can play on your smartphone, you play whenever you want wherever you are.