Inside CasinoHeroe's casino, they are constantly inventing something exciting, and there are a lot of slot machines on Heroes' casino news on the so-called Hero Islands. In addition to the fact that new games always appear inside the casino, interesting functions of various kinds also appear. And one of the features that has appeared recently is the so-called Blitz, and when you play with blitz, the spin will go extra fast!


Blitz is thus a new way of playing inside the casino, and it means that it will be lightning fast to play. You will have the same chance of winning even when you play in the fast mode, and the real difference is that it goes 6 times as fast. And the function is exclusively available inside CasinoHeroe's casino!

You can play a number of different games in flash mode, because it is the same game engine that is used as in normal cases. And there are many different slot machines on various fun themes to choose from inside the casino, from a wide range of different game developers such as Quickspin, Push Gaming and NetEnt.


Heroes casino bonus Whether you play fast or slow inside CasinoHereo's casino, you can have real fun with the islanders in the game-filled island world. Exciting activities always appear inside the promotions, and there are always exciting new games you can explore inside the casino. For those who have just become members with them, there is also a nice registration bonus of 5 euros you can pick up and try to play for. You will also be able to claim a welcome bonus at CasinoHeroes when you deposit money:

You will receive CasinoHeroe's welcome bonus in five parts, and you get to choose between two different options for all parts. The different parts consist of bonus money and free spins, and in total you can, for example, get 1300 euros and 200 spins in the welcome package. Or you can, for example, get a total bonus of 900 spins

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