There are a few different players in the market today who develop different types of games that belong in the online casino world. One of the larger game development companies that exists is Betsoft and it can probably be said that it is also one of the most prominent. Basically, Betsoft is busy developing slot machines, preferably with 3D graphics and sharp sound effects, which will amaze the player. When the team at Betsoft develops their games, they use similar technology to create them as they do in movie studios and other games for game consoles. Therefore, you can count on enjoying very high quality games if you choose a slot from Betsoft in an online casino today. You may recognize titles such as Gladiator, After Night Falls or Under The Sea? These are just a few of their many slot machines and if you surf the net today you can find more than 100 different online casinos offering games from Betsoft. So you can safely say that Betsoft can do this by delivering games with class.

About the game developer Betsoft

As early as 1999, Betsoft was founded with the aim of recreating classic table games and card games online in a virtual version. From the beginning and even today, Betsoft develops and delivers high quality games to be able to entertain players from all over the world at online casinos. Among those behind the development of the games are staff who have knowledge from the film and gaming industry who already know this by creating a nice graphic with associated sound. In addition to traditional casino games such as Roulette, Black Jack, Keno and video poker, great emphasis has also been placed on creating cheeky slot machines that will be able to entertain players whenever they like.

Even though Betsoft has been around for a relatively long time, it may be said that a major breakthrough came in connection with the launch of its first slot machines in the Slots3 series. This was 2008 and then Betsoft began to sift through to the major players in the industry. The Slots3 series includes games such as Slotfather and Aztec Treasures and it did not take long before they soared among popular games and since then you can say that the success story is a fact.As mentioned, the games from Betsoft are usually characterized by innovative animations and 3D graphics, while they often contain fresh bonus features. As if it were not enough that the games are top class, you can be sure that you are playing games that come from a reputable publisher.

The Games and Betsoft

Betsoft offers varied casino games and you can choose from about 150 different titles depending on what amuses you. The vast majority of the games that Betsoft has in its stable are slots and many of these are also part of the famous series Slots3. In addition to the slot machines, there are all the traditional games that are more or less a must for a casino to be able to call itself a casino. When playing at online casinos today, there are games that can be played both directly in the browser and those that you must download a client to be able to play. Betsoft offers games for two platforms. So games that you can play with Flash directly in the browser or you can play games for download.

Slots from Betsoft

As they say, the biggest focus at Betsoft is the slot machines. The most popular series of slots from Betsoft is, as previously mentioned, Slots3. Here they have taken to their advanced 3D technology when it comes to graphics and there is also no shortage of animations. When playing slots from this series, you should basically be sure that you can do nothing but enjoy while playing because it is simply such well-developed games. Slots3 are slots that are impressive in their design and thus belong to some of the best on the market. These slot machines have a wellchosen theme in good order and you can count on the structure of how you make your deposits being similar to these. What applies to games in Slots3 is that they have five reels, three lines and as many as 30 bet lines.

If you choose to play one or more slots from Slots3, you will not be disappointed but you will get to play games that offer an exciting atmosphere and a game can be a whole adventure. In addition, you usually put in some nice extra functions from time to time, such as the hold function. There are not many slots from Betsoft that offer the hold function yet but these have 3×3 positions along with eight bet lines. The very function of hold is that you as a player can choose whether you want either one or more reels to remain in order for you to increase your chances of winning. It’s not really that strange that games from Slots3 have made Betsoft get a real boost considering how well-made they are in their design. And as I said, you can find games from Betsoft at most online casinos today. Betsoft is also not on the lazy side but often delivers new exciting games that you can put your teeth into. Because here you get to enjoy games that give you a gaming experience beyond the ordinary.

Win a progressive jackpot

In the range of games from Betsoft, there are also some slot machines that give you the chance to win a progressive jackpot. For example, you can try your luck at Good Girl Bad Girl, Jackpot Jamba or Diamond Jackpot. What you can think of is that the progressive jackpots on slots from Betsoft mean that you can only win that jackpot via that particular game in that casino. In other words, you do not have the opportunity to increase the jackpot via another slot or between several casinos. This in turn also means that the progressive jackpots rarely get so very high, but it can still be fun to win a jackpot even if it is a little smaller.