Inside Ninja Casino you can deposit and play super fast and easily withdraw the money when you are done. It is not only games you can take part in when you deposit money with them, but you can also take part in campaigns and take part in winnings and bonuses of various kinds. Christmas inside the casino also has a lot of fun to offer!

There is a lot of fun to take part in among Ninja Casino's Christmas promotions, so you will find large amounts of entertainment to take in. And you can take part in the Christmas atmosphere and the nice bonuses until Christmas Eve.


They have a new game inside Ninja Casino called Book of Oz, where you can win free spins by simply playing the game. When playing via mobile, you have to spin certain symbols to win, and when you play via computer, you have to spin another set. In total, you can take home two hundred and fifty spins via mobile and two hundred and fifty via computer, and that means that you can take home a total of 500 free spins!

Among the other campaigns, there are also really Christmas offers waiting, and it is well worth checking out. There are large amounts of free spins in the pot when testing the new game, but the game is fun even without extra spins. But it's always fun to take advantage of bonuses, so you can also take the opportunity to check out what lies ahead for the day in Ninja's Treasures.


Getting started playing inside Ninja Casino is quick, because instead of starting an account, you verify your identity via the bank. Then the money you deposit will be stored in a wallet at the casino, and when you want to stop playing, you simply return it to your bank. In other words, you can do what you usually do at a casino, but sneak past like a ninja because you do not have an account at the casino. Admittedly, not creating an account means that you are not allowed to receive a welcome bonus at Ninja Casino, but you definitely have no shortage of bonuses to take advantage of because you can pick up something new in Ninja's treasures every day!

Every day it is therefore included that you get to take part in a bonus inside the casino when you sit down to play, so even if you do not get a Ninja Casino welcome bonus, you will enjoy bonuses. You can see what gift you will get from today's treasures, and there are many fun things that can pop up among them. For example, you can get things like deposit bonuses and free spins, with or without wagering requirements.

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