New UK Betsafe casino, they have started a new exciting thing you can take part in as a player with them. What they have started is an exciting reward in the form of a surprise that you will be able to have fun with during the weekend. So when you play with them during the week's working days, you will be able to end the week in an extra good way!

When you play in the casino from Monday to Thursday, you will secure your surprise. When you log in on Friday, you will have a gift to pick up in your inbox, and you can pick it up until 23:59 on Sunday.


To take part in your surprise, you must play for at least one hundred kronor during the workweek, and you will receive a reward over the weekend. By playing exactly as you usually do, it means that you are rewarded, so that you can end the week in the very best way. And you can take part in the offer again next week, the week after that and so on - So the fun continues in other words!

So you only get to know what kind of gift you get when you open your surprise gift, so it's always just as exciting. Examples of things you can get are casino bonuses of various kinds such as free spins or super spins on some entertaining game and bonus money. When you have fun in the casino, you will be able to continue to have even more fun with the help of the gift.


New UK casino surprises that you get to experience inside Betsafe casino will definitely be really entertaining to be a part of. In addition, when you play with them you can take part in a number of other cool things, and they also have full control of various sporting events that are on G. So you can come up with something fun when you log in, regardless of whether you are looking for fun casino games or sporting events. There are many different types of games to choose from, and you have a large number of games to try out and many great offers that you can take advantage of. The first offer you get to take advantage of is the welcome bonus at Bethard that is included with the first deposit:

First deposit: 100% up to 80 GBP extra

So you can have even more fun as a new player by taking advantage of the Bethard welcome bonus because you get twice as much money to play for as you deposit. In total, you will get up to 1000 kroner extra together with your first deposit and with them you can explore the casino and have fun.

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